Fixing a typo in nixpkgs, sil

Note: “A rouge-like game …”

Should be: “A rogue-like game …”

I’ve tried to make a PR to nixpkgs before, but wow is it a process. Just cloning nixpkgs is something I’d rather avoid if possible.

I’m curious if there is an easy way to make a fix like this, without necessarily shepherding it through the entire PR process. Then again, maybe this is a good exercise.

Also, separately, development on sil has stopped a while back, but it would be nice to package GitHub - sil-quirk/sil-q which is the fork in active development. I believe the packaging should be easier with their more modern Makefile, but I’m honestly just speculating. I’ve never made a nixpkg, but I wouldn’t mind trying, with some guidance or assistance.

You can fork, edit, and PR entirely through GitHub’s site. Not the best experience for heavy lifting, but it’s fine for a typo fix.


Oh, I see sil-q is packaged in unstable!