Flox - Technical Support Engineer (Nix required)

Flox is building a framework for individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage the super powers that Nix makes possible. Join us in bringing Nix to work, making it simpler and all of our other efforts across the community!

Specifically, we are looking hire a technical support engineer who knows and understands Nix. The position would be to support customers, answer questions, write documentation, and generally be a source of Nix knowledge. Nixpkgs contributions and experience supporting Nix-adopting organizations are a plus.

Please apply at: https://angel.co/company/flox-dev/ or via Careers | flox or simply contacting me via any of the normal mechanisms (DM, email, matrix, discourse, discord, carrier pigeon).


This role is no longer listed at Angel.co, but it’s still there (with a broken link to that site) on floxdev.com’s careers page. Is Flox still looking for people to do that kind of work? I reached out via the contact form on the website but have not heard back.

Yes, we are still looking for people. Please contact me directly if you didn’t get a response.


We have also generally expanded hiring and are looking for a bunch more folks!
Full stack engineers are another top priority <3


Hey @ron ,
I’m a software developer from India. I see on your job postings that you folks hire remotely from Europe and US. Nevertheless I was still interested in full stack and frontend openings on your careers page.
Reaching out to you hoping you might be willing to consider me for such an opportunity. I’ve sent you a connection request on LinkedIn as well :slight_smile:

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Hey! I appreciate you reaching out! We listed the US/Europe mainly due to time zones. While we have a remote first culture, it’s also super crucial to have overlap between folks on the team. If you’re open to it lets connect.

Hey @ron,
I’m open to working on an overlap. Let’s connect :slight_smile:

Hey Ron, what would be the best way to contact you regarding full stack opportunities? I’m impressed at how Nix works and I’m looking for new roles

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Feel free to get a hold of me via any of my various contact methods.

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