Formally stepping down from the moderation team

Hey folks,

It’s been a real pleasure to be on the moderation team and support this community in many ways. I love this community so much, and it has been and remains a major factor of my life.

Earlier this year, life got busy, and I pulled back my involvement in a lot of my public and visible work here. Most notably, I haven’t been active on Matrix, and I stepped back from my position on the moderation team several months ago.

Today we’re formalizing that and “writing it down” by taking myself off the team page: Update moderation team by piegamesde · Pull Request #1156 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub. But there remains a major and annoying step. When we migrated from IRC to Matrix, I setup a zillion Matrix rooms and Mjolnir and all that. That means my user is a 100-powered user in basically every room. That isn’t appropriate since I’m not on the moderation team :).

I wrote a little script to demote myself from every room, and I’m having my account leave all the rooms as well. I have a separate account ( that is for me :).

Anyway, I’m posting this for a couple reasons:

First to say, I’m not doing a mass-exodus or rage quit :). Just cleaning up some lingering debt to sync the moderation powers more closely and correctly with the moderation processes in place.

Secondly: Thank you, everybody, for making that job pretty low fuss most of the time. And an extra big thank you to the current moderation team for doing such a great job and making it so easy to step away. You’re doing great, and you’ve been getting work done that I struggled to imagine would ever happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love,