FOSDEM 2020 in Bruxelles

FOSDEM - Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting is held at Université Libre de in Bruxelles (again) doing the first weekend of February (1st and 2nd).

According to the schedule there’s a few talk related to Guix: but also some speakers and talks somewhat related to Nix: and NixOS:

Anyone in there planning on attending?

A friend and I are going and are attending these conferences too: and

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I’ll be around in Brussels for FOSDEM this year!

Ill be around from Thursday evening onwards.

I’ll be around either at FOSDEM or at OFFDEM as well.

I’m also going to be at FOSDEM this year. Shall we meet up for dinner on Saturday evening like every year? :wink:

For coordination, we have been using the IRC channel #nixos-fosdem on Freenode in the last years. There is also a Matrix channel with an IRC bridge:

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Sadly I’ve other dinner plans. Could we do this on Sunday instead? If not that’s alright :blush:

Can’t join the irc channel as I’m attending another conference atm.


I do not think I will be able to make it to a diner Saturday night (other plans on the schedule), but I’ll gladly meet any other time!

I’ll try to be on the IRC channel.

For people not in the IRC channel: Some of the NixOS people are meeting after the Guix talk in La Fontaine at around 18:00 in front of the K building (south side) by the stairs. We can have chat and maybe go grab some dinner afterwards.