FOSDEM - Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019

Every year we have fine Nixers going to FOSDEM. I remember hacking in the hallway in 2017 and it was a lot of fun so am going back next year.

We can use this thread to share ideas, interest and organize ourselves.


It looks like this year there is a Distributions room that we might be able to storm. According to FOSDEM 2019 - Call for participation the Distribution room has issues a CfP on the 15th of October. Does anyone intend to submit anything? To submit a talk it seems like one has to go through which is a bit of a convoluted process.

We could also setup a stand with some swag if anyone is interested.


The last time I booked a full house over AirBnB with many rooms. I don’t think we can all fit into one so we might do multiple instances of that.

Other stuff

Any other ideas of things to discuss?

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I would very much like to have a meetup/hackday(s) before or after FOSDEM. There is the cfgmgmt camp in the week after FOSDEM that a few people of the Nix community seem to be interested in. That could be a related crowd of people.

@LnL7 also said he might be able to check for places to gather as a group.

Do we have rough numbers for nixers planning to attend?

On a Guix dev also mentioned they were looking to share a stand. Maybe contact them? - looks great. I already have plans right after FOSDEM but it seems like a logical place to go.


We’ll be there too, with one or two day as a reserve for any hackathon you guys might want to do :wink: I’m in :slight_smile:

We’d like to do our vpsFree and vpsAdminOS talks, has anyone taken up general NixOS and Nix coverage?

I’ll also go to FOSDEM, a hackathon before it or after cfgmgmt camp might make sense a lot.

Internet suggests hotels aren’t yet riddiculously expensive, so maybe we should just gather in there?

Hi, I am relative new to nix and participate FOSDEM, too. I would like to ask where to meet other nix people? Best Regards Udo

A few of us are in the #nixos-fosdem IRC channel on FreeNode. Feel free to ping around during the conf and we’ll send out locations.

Thanks a lot. See you at FOSDEM.

IRC doesn’t really work well from my phone. Could someone post times/locations here if there are any?

Will do!

Irccloud works pretty well on my phone. Or if you don’t want to pay anything, the Riot app also has a matrix to IRC gateway that works decently.

I can confirm that the riot app is working pretty well. Advantage over classical IRC clients is that you’re not required to be always online. Although I guess having “cloud” in the name, IRCcloud probably has a similar feature.

A few of us are at the ptit yoyo cafe near the food court, U building

I’ll be at FOSDEM this afternoon, I’ll drop by the distributions room.