Fre:ac is missing the encoders

I tried to use the fre:ac application for ripping audio CDs. However it didn’t show me any encoders. I installed the flac package but it didn’t show up as an option.

Maybe @ScottHamilton knows how to get it working?

Did you ever get it working?

No unfortunately not.
I replaced it with Sound Juicer which worked without a problem.

  environment.systemPackages = [

Thank you.

I have some fre:ac profiles for different situations (audiobook, lossless, lossy, …) from before switching to NixOS. Fre:ac in a non-working state is a real bummer.

Using the flatpak version for now.

Just checking in to reiterate the same thing; freac encoders are still missing.

I guess I’ll be moving to the flatpak version for now…