Fresh google-chrome-dev in NixOS

Since the “unstable” google-chrome-dev and google-chrome-beta packages weren’t being kept fresh in nixpkgs, and were finally dropped in chromium{Beta,Dev},google-chrome-{beta,dev}: drop by emilylange · Pull Request #261870 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, I have set up an auto-updating flake in GitHub: GitHub - r-k-b/browser-previews: Up-to-date versions of google-chrome-dev and google-chrome-beta for Nix users.

It updates once per day.


I just switched back to stable to have a stable Meet client, but as the original author of flake-firefox-nightly, I’m very happy to see this! Thanks, and nice work!


I dont actually use this, but looks like it hasnt been updated in 4 days you might want to look at the automation.

Thanks Alper-Celik!

The auto update has just done a couple more updates since your comment, so it seems to be working still. :sweat_smile:

Judging by the dates in the versionhistory json, it’s common for there to be several days or weeks between Chrome releases:
(Which makes sense, given how long the Chromium build times are)

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Thank you!

I’ve been feeling frustrated about out-of-date Chrome, even dev, so really appreciate you offering this.

I’m a non-technical user on Nixos for my daily business laptop…and Chrome is central to my work, for better or worse.

Better pragmatic than dogmatic!

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