Frigate and ONVIF cameras

I am trying to setup the Frigate NVR service to work with some ONVIF cameras. I can get the basic service running, but it appears to be failing to load a python module needed for using the ONVIF stuff.

I get the following error when it tries:

Apr 10 17:10:10 frigate python3.11[461]: [2024-04-10 17:10:10] frigate.ptz.onvif              ERROR   : Onvif connection to kitchen failed: Unknown error: No such file: /nix/store/gd3shnza1i50zn8zs04fa729ribr88m9-python3-3.11.8/lib/python3.11/site-packages/wsdl/devicemgmt.wsdl

The path specified exists up to the site-packages directory, but there is no wsdl under it. I don’t understand enough about how python works in NixOS to try to debug why that path is wrong…

I’m running the frigate service in a nixos declarative container, because I want to isolate its listeners. The relevant bits of my config:

{ config, pkgs, lib, ... }:
with lib;

	containers.frigate = rec {
		autoStart					= true;
		privateNetwork				= true;
		hostAddress					= "";
		localAddress				= "";

		ephemeral					= true;
		bindMounts = {
			"/etc/resolv.conf" = {
				hostPath			= "/etc/resolv.conf";
				isReadOnly			= true;

			"/var/lib/frigate" = {
				hostPath			= "/var/lib/frigate";
				isReadOnly			= false;

			"/var/log" = {
				hostPath			= "/var/log/frigate";
				isReadOnly			= false;

			# TODO: Why does this fail if I use the variable?
			# "${config.age.secrets.foscam-password.path}" = {
			"/run/agenix/foscam-password" = {
				isReadOnly			= true;

		forwardPorts = [{
			containerPort			= 80;
			hostPort				= 8125;
			protocol				= "tcp";

		# Reference article for NixOS containers:
		config = { config, pkgs, lib, ... }: {
			system.stateVersion		= "23.05"; = {
				EnvironmentFile = "/run/agenix/foscam-password";

			services.frigate = rec {
				enable				= true;

				# Frigate upstream itself sets up nginx with a reverse proxy, and
				# uses the hostname specified here.
				hostname			= "frigate";

				settings = {
					mqtt = {
						enabled		= true;
						host		= "${hostAddress}";
						port		= 1883;

					cameras = rec {
						kitchen = {
							onvif = {
								host	= "";
								port	= 888;
								user	= "minego";
								password= "{FRIGATE_FOSCAM_PASS}";
							ffmpeg.inputs = [{
								path	= "rtsp://minego:{FRIGATE_FOSCAM_PASS}";
								roles	= [ "detect" "record" ];

			networking = {
				firewall = {
					# Container ports
					allowedTCPPorts		= [ 80 ];

	networking.firewall = {
		# Host ports
		allowedTCPPorts				= [ 8125 ];

Looks like weird assumptions hardcoded in frigate.

Oh, interesting. That’s a good catch! At the very least it gives me a bit of a starting point for poking around more…

I think we need to patch this path to check for the wsdl in the onvif package’s site-packages dir, not within frigate’s.

They’re operating on the assumption that all packages are in the same site-packages dir, but we’re linking them together with PYTHONPATH.

Yeah, I think you’re right. I was just thinking I could probably make a local override to patch that file you found so that it references the path within that package.

But, assuming that works that that should probably be fixed in nixpkgs…


Wow, you’re fast! Thank you!

That looks like it should work to me. I will try it out in a bit here, and let you know how it goes!

I sent a more robust solution upstream.

That is awesome, thank you!

I just attempted to override the src for the frigate package with your branch in my nixOS config, but I’m guessing that nixpkgs is expecting an older revision of frigate because it fails to apply some unrelated patches…

I’m testing your nixpkgs branch now, but it seems that has triggered rebuilding the world, so it may take a bit.

With your nixpkgs branch it is working!

I’d love to try your upstream patch instead, but it seems my nix fu isn’t strong enough to get that building right. If I find some time I’ll try again though.

I took your more robust PR, exported it as a patch file and added just that to my nixos config, and rebuilt it. It built successfully, but I still get the error.

I think I must have messed something up with the patch… I’m not sure what. I’ll dig more.

I went ahead and backported my patch and merged the PR into master.

Thank you! That’s wonderful!

Okay, I just did a local checkout of nixpkgs/nixos-unstable, cherry-picked your change, and it is working perfectly!

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