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At Bürgerwerke over 40,000 people and over 100 energy cooperatives from all over Germany have joined forces to advance the transition to renewable energies as a citizen-owned cooperative. Our goal as an independent national provider of ecological electricity: a renewable, regional and self-determined energy supply in citizen ownership. Our drive as a national network: support volunteers and employees active in the movement towards a citizen-owned energy supply – to protect the climate quickly and effectively using renewable energies.

Our software development team is currently looking for another full-stack developer to help us develop and maintain the systems running Bürgerwerke. Ideally we are looking for a developer who has broad experience with both backend, frontend and databases. Having worked with microservices in event-driven architectures is a plus. German and English language skills at B2-level are required.

Our current tech stack is varied and includes PHP/Symfony, Python, Pandas, TypeScript, NodeJS, Kafka, Postgres, Redis and Nix. If you’re interested in picking up new technologies, that’s awesome.

We are using Nix(OS) at the moment to manage development and CI environments as well as an on-premise server that handles data synchronisation tasks. So while this is certainly not a predominantly Nix-focussed role, Nix knowledge is definitely a plus.

We offer an opportunity to take on rewarding role in a fast-growing, agile social enterprise. You will be able to bring your own ideas to the table, have an impact shaping the future of the organization and help us fulfill our potential. We have flexible work hours, regular feedback, fair compensation and 30 days paid time off.


Hi @milibopp! Sounds like an interesting role & position with a purposeful mission :+1:

Just to clarify: Are you offering remote-work possibilities? The linked page mentions Heidelberg, Germany and as this is a geographical diverse community with members all over the DACH region, it might be interesting to others as well whether this is an on-site position. Sorry if I missed it, please consider adding something like [remote] or [Heidelberg] to the title

Thanks & all the best with hiring & candidates!

(for non-german speakers: job description explicitly mentions German and English on B2 level as a requirement)

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Hey, this job offer really looks interesting. I’m into Nix/NixOS packaging and writing modules but also had some experience with web development by creating Nextcloud apps and Wordpress templates.
Is there a possibility to get directly in contact with you? I’m also living close to Heidelberg :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. Since the pandemic we have effectively been very remote-friendly. However, we would like people to be able to come in in the beginning to get to know the team and the rest of the company and perhaps once a month or so, if the need arises. I am unsure how easy it is for us contractually to hire people outside Germany.

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Sounds like you could be a good fit. I’ll send you a DM with my contact details.


Update from HR on that: we can hire people outside Germany, but we would have to make it a freelance contract.

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