Full Time Nix (podcast)

Thanks to a kind and practical team, the first and only Nix podcast is published. It’s called Full Time Nix. I hope you enjoy the first episode starring @Infinisil. If you’d like to be a guest or have an idea for an episode, or for anything else, please contact me.


The audio levels were a bit uneven. Silvan was much louder.

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Listening to the podcast at the moment and enjoying having a pod on nix specifically. As someone who primarily uses nix as an OS and stores my configuration in a flake, I would love an episode that dives into what the fundamental flaws of flakes are. From my perspective as a “casual” nix user, they mostly seem like a good thing. Anyway, looking forward to more episodes!


@desttinghim It’s not the fully picture, but I wrote down some main points here


Sorry. Thank you. Will improve.

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