Get clangd to see recent C++ standard compiler flags and headers

I have a flake (or rather 26 different variations on the theme, trying to hack around the problem described below) which provides a C++ development environment. It uses meson, which produces a compile_commands.json which enables clangd to find standard headers. This works OK up to C++17.

For C++20 and 23, compilation of the code still works, but clangd throws up spurious problems:

  • It cannot find standard headers which were not present before C++ 20 (e.g. <bit>), even though code that includes such headers compiles just fine.

  • It complains about the flag -std=c++23, suggesting alternatives such as c++2b, even though compiling with this flag (when the flake is configured to use clang_17) works just fine.

Do you have a configuration which doesn’t suffer these problems?

Could you suggest how to find a way around them?

It’s not clear to me how to navigate between the various packages such as clang, llvmPpackages.clang, clangStdenv, llvmPackages.stdenv, llvmPackages.clang.stdenv, etc. (or their their various _17 variants).

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New clangd from clang-tools_18 does not fix this issue either. I have the same problem.