Getting bevy engine workining in a nix shell

I have seen many others with this same issue but none of their fixes have helped me so far. I’m trying to run Bevy Engine in a shell and it cannot find my gpu. I have every possible dependency I could find that is listed on bevy’s site and what I could find online (even tried nixGL and nixVulkan).

This is my current flake:

  description = "Rust dev shell for bevy based on zero to nix rust dev flake)";

  # Flake inputs
  inputs = {
    nixpkgs.url = "";
    rust-overlay.url = "github:oxalica/rust-overlay"; # A helper for Rust + Nix

  # Flake outputs
  outputs = { self, nixpkgs, rust-overlay }:
      # Overlays enable you to customize the Nixpkgs attribute set
      overlays = [
        # Makes a `rust-bin` attribute available in Nixpkgs
        (import rust-overlay)
        # Provides a `rustToolchain` attribute for Nixpkgs that we can use to
        # create a Rust environment
        (self: super: {
          rustToolchain = super.rust-bin.stable.latest.default;

      # Systems supported
      allSystems = [
        "x86_64-linux" # 64-bit Intel/AMD Linux
        "aarch64-linux" # 64-bit ARM Linux
        "x86_64-darwin" # 64-bit Intel macOS
        "aarch64-darwin" # 64-bit ARM macOS

      # Helper to provide system-specific attributes
      forAllSystems = f: nixpkgs.lib.genAttrs allSystems (system: f {
        pkgs = import nixpkgs { inherit overlays system; };
      # Development environment output
      devShells = forAllSystems ({ pkgs }: {
        default = pkgs.mkShell {
          # The Nix packages provided in the environment
          packages = (with pkgs; [
            # Bevy
             # If on x11
             # If on wayland
            # Rust
          ]) ++ pkgs.lib.optionals pkgs.stdenv.isDarwin (with pkgs; [ libiconv ]);
          shellHook = ''
            export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:${pkgs.lib.makeLibraryPath [

I made several Bevy projects a while back and made this as a scaffold: GitHub - polygon/bevy_nix_vscode_template: Starterkit for bevy projcts

Fair warning, it’s a few Bevy versions behind, since I didn’t have the time to work on my Bevy stuff recently. So it will likely require some re-working.

I added certain things that make working with Bevy (at that time) quite pain-free. For example, using mold for fast linking of incremental builds. So beware, this is a bit opinionated.

Bevy has Nix section in the official Linux dependencies docs and those seem to be sufficient for Bevy app to run for me on NixOS:

I am also adding mold for faster linking as recommended in

Though I do have some issues with cursors on Wayland I have not managed to fix yet, most likely due to the old smithay client-toolkit bevy uses:

WARN winit::platform_impl::platform::wayland::seat::pointer: Failed to set cursor to Default
ERROR sctk_adwaita::pointer: Failed to set cursor

hmm I trief that repo and still doesn’t seem to work i think I might just have a borked gpu config which does seem odd as I use the hardware config from nix-hardware but I’ll try doing some more stuff with that seen as I cant think of anything else thanks though!

Alright it works now! I was missing some dependencies and also had to use nixVulkanIntel my flake can be found here (there is some unneeded stuff in there aswell but it is marked as such)

sorry to bump but just clarifying for anyone else who comes across and uses this flake setting:
wayland users should add pkgs.libxkbcommon to the makeLibraryPath section

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I assure you this is required for optimal programming efficiency

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One question, why not use flake-utils for multiple system compatibility?

Never used flake-utils and personally only use linux so haven’t needed it for that but I will look into it

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