Getting/converting proper busid for gpu

Hi there, using the wiki for my Nvidia config. Now, in the busid section, I know that I can get the bus id with something like sudo lspci | grep -i 3d. Now, the article says to convert it to hexadecimal. WHen I run the results through various converters, I do not seem to get the proper results. How are others converting them?

Thank you.

I “think” I figured it out.

sudo lspci grep 3D shows 01:00.0 which will become PCI:1:0:0 and sudo lspci grep VGA shows 00:02.0 which will become PCI:0:2:0. Remove the padding (leading zeroes), replace the dot with a colon.

Current config linked in this thread.

I just wanted to confirm this aspect as I still cannot get the nvidia driver to load.