Getting nixos-* command completions in non bash shells (in particular nushell)

I’ve been trying to get autocompletions working with nushell (by using carapace) and mostly everything works (including e.g. the nix command) since carapace provides a lot of completions out of the box, but for example nixos-rebuild completions do not work.

For these remaining completions carapace tries to bridge completions from bash (I have set the environment variable CARAPACE_BRIDGES to ‘zsh,fish,bash,inshellisense’), but carapace is a bit dumb in that it looks for bash_completions only in the directories listed here, while NixOS spreads completions across all the $XDG_DATA_DIRS and in particular the directories where carapace looks are all empty on my system. (I think the completions for the nixos- commands are mainly in /etc/profiles/per-user/$USERNAME/share/bash-completion/completions and /run/current-system/sw/share/bash-completion/completions.)

I thought about trying to symlink the completions into the directories where carapace expects them, but I am unsure of how that would affect bash (since it also looks into those directories), and also this solution would need to keep up with changes of $XDG_DATA_DIRS (e.g. I would like to have completions also when using something like nix shell).

Or maybe I could patch carapace somehow? If someone had guidance here I’d be open to try, but I have no experience with that.

Is there some other way to get bash completions into other shells, maybe something more robust then carapace?

I reported this to the creator of carapace, and its fixed as of release v0.30.2 of carapace-bin. This should arrive soon on the main/unstable branch of nixpkgs.

Edit: You might have to run carapace --clear-cache to get the completions from the bash bridge to show up after an update.

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