Getting started with the Nix ecosystem

Hello everyone!

I have spent the last few days writing an article on how to get started with the Nix ecosystem. I hope it will help a lot of people. Please let me know what you think of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I moved the article to Getting started with the Nix ecosystem · GitHub

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Thank you for the article, Thilo. While reading, I noticed that in section Forums / Chat rooms the link for Matrix points to Discourse and in section Other the link for “NixOS Options Search” points to the package search. You might want to update these.

Furthermore, I think mentioning the Official Wiki that launched this month would also be a good idea. Apropos wiki, what do you think of integrating the contents of the article into the relevant wiki pages?

Hi Florian,

first of all, thanks for the feedback. I have updated the links, and adding the official wiki to the article is a good idea, I will do that as well.

As for integrating some of the information into the respective wiki pages, that could also be done. It would take a bit of work though, as there is some misleading information in the article due to it being as dumbed down as possible. So in order to provide high quality content for the wiki, some things would need to be refactored.

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