Getting Vivado 2019.2 working on Nixos


I am forced to use Vivado 2019.2 for a project at university.

As expected it does not officially support Nixos but Ubuntu and Redhat. So far I tried running it with steam-run or inside a fhs but after the GUI starts, I get an error.

Is there any chance that I can get this working on Nixos? Or do I have to setup a VM with Ubuntu?

I did use some version of Vivado in a fhsUserEnv, but had problems with getting the hardwareserver, to actually program the bitstream onto the device working.

I ended up running it in a Ubuntu Docker container.

@ajs124 I have found this GitHub - z4yx/vivado-docker: Dockerfile with Vivado for CI

EDIT: I think I am getting somewhere.

EDIT2: Got everything working using Docker.

We are no using this: Fhs env for installing xilinx

The code lives here: doctor-cluster-config/xilinx.nix at 6408a2af8827e3a63e65fe02f766cc75732de6f2 · Mic92/doctor-cluster-config · GitHub

FWIW, I’ve been using Vivado 2020.1 more or less properly packaged to build bitstreams in nix-litex for over a year now, without major issues. The GUI and even simulation work properly.

A few days ago I got Vivado 2022.2 running as well, although that is still mostly untested. Both packages are available in my NUR.

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It’s been quite a while but I might have to use Vivado again soon.

Thanks @Mic92 and @lschuermann, I will check that out!