GitHub action to updates packages defined in a flake using nix-update


How does that relate to GitHub - DeterminateSystems/update-flake-lock: Automatically refresh your Nix Flakes.?

update-flake-lock just runs nix flake update which updates flake.lock, this action from what i understand runs nix-update and can update stuff like versions and hashes used by the flake (not the inputs)


This action is heavily inspired by update-flake-lock, I got almost all basic things from that project. @figsoda is right about the difference, this action can update flake provided packages applying nix-update one by one to these attributes. The example can be viewed here: chore: update packages by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #173 · nix-community/ethereum.nix · GitHub and ethereum.nix/update-packages.yaml at 4956936b3c26803669cb53e6e9f66611a41df082 · nix-community/ethereum.nix · GitHub

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