GitHub - jetpack-io/devbox: Instant, easy, predictable shells and containers

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Seems an end user nix interface way better than having to fiddle with shell.nix

However it lacks documentation for more specific needs, like how to override a package or pin a version? I didn’t find any documentation for devbox :frowning:

I feel the urge to cite the incumbent in this occasion:

Although it’s hart to beat the marketing muscle of 1.6k stars in 23 days (?).

Is it possible to use poetry2nix or mach-nix with devshell to create a environment with python modules?

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There is no ootb integration, but it is definitely possible. One could also write an integration module that takes care of the interface.

In general, though, devshell works with packages = []; (just as the traditional devshell) or with commands = [{}]; for something more exciting, that will be displayed in entry as MOTD or via the built-in menu command.

There are other options to set env variables or write special purpose init scripts.

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