GitHub - Jovian-Experiments/Jovian-NixOS (NixOS for Steam Deck)

A cool project to install NixOS on a Steam Deck, but with specific drivers, working gamescope session (not nested) etc… It’s working really well on mine, except the transition between gaming/desktop modes that could be improved, but so far, it’s a very good experience :+1:t3:

I tried to install a plain linux, but missing some specific patches here and there (mangohud, gamescope, kernel), I also really missed a proper fan control, while working out of the box on recent kernels, they are always at some minimum level that produce noise while idling…

Alternative ChimeraOS is nice too, they chose an interesting way to provide a web interface for installing non-steam games, that’s very nice.

Finally, HoloISO, a SteamOS open source reimplementation, it didn’t work well for me, it was constantly asking me to log in on Steam at every reboot…


I used SteamOS for approximately 1 hour before installing Jovian-NixOS and haven’t looked back in the 7 months since. It’s like the Steam Deck experience except with NixOS under the hood.


If a vanilla steam deck is working really well for me and I’m not aware of any reason I should install another OS is there any compelling reasons you have that I should?


No real need to install something else if SteamOS is working for you.

But if you want to have more control, a better desktop experience, or even use GNOME (or something else), SteamOS is very limited.


Because it’s there. :slight_smile:

Even though other contributors and I made the thing, and would like more people to use and contribute, I think the vendor OS is actually good and sufficient for using as they intend, e.g. a gaming console with a neat extra desktop tacked on top.

Though I am also really biased into making NixOS fit on everything.