GitHub Label for PRs for Librem-5 Related Packages

I’m currently working on ensuring that the (Librem-5 phone)[] and related packages are part of, patched or otherwise up to date in nixpkgs.

To help focus eyes, facilitate greater ability for other to contribute, review and for me to better manage my own work, it would be very useful to have a GitHub label for the Librem-5.

Thanks in advance.

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Nice! Definitely in favor of a label for that. Unfortunately only people in the nixpkgs team (which I’m part of) can create and assign labels. But if people list the PR’s relevant for it in this post we can assign the label to them.

I’ve only put up one PR so far:


and a couple of incidental and not relevant ones. This was more me thinking forward as there are going to be quite a few PRs to get this over the line.

Alright cool, I created a label and added the PR to it:

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For issues specifically, the new issue template allows to assign labels to the issues directly. So if the platform starts becoming significant it could be possible to add a .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/ template.

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