Gitit module - keep or ditch?


When setting up some home infrastructure I decided to give gitit a try and discovered that its module has been commented out from the modules list for a bunch of years. This was done due to high resource use back then.

By now the module is a little bit broken because of a wrong folder being referenced in the pre-startup script. I fixed a few of the issues and have been using it with local modifications since.

I wanted to ask the community what the sentiment regarding this is module is - keep or ditch?
If we want to keep it, I can create a few patches to ensure the module works again, but I could also see valid reasons to just ditch it and clean up a bit.

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It depends how much work it would be for you to submit these patches. At least I can say I’d be interested.

By now the package is marked as broken due to dependencies having moved on. In my personal setup I have currently pinned this particular package to the 19.03 channel. Upstream does not seem overly active anymore, but might be worth poking to ask if an update is possible (it would require code changes). We could of course consider splitting out some older versions of some dependencies, but I’m not sure if there will be enough support for that, just for this relatively marginal package.

I use gitit, and would love it if it could be kept. Thank you for anything you can do to keep it going.

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I’m interested in using the gitit module. I have some spare time at present and would be happy to look over any patches you have & help with the work necessary to restore the module.

I am relatively new to Nix & NixOS, though have significant Haskell experience, if that’s needed.

I’m planning to set up a gitit server soon, so I’ll be working through this regardless and it would be nice if some of that effort could benefit the community.

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