Gnome 45 cannot open xorg programs

Since upgrading to 23.11, I cannot open most programs when running under wayland. For example, brave, alacritty, steam. Anyone had any similar problems? Related to xwayland in any way?

perhaps related Can’t open Steam links from proton games - #5 by furdiburd and I think there’s a solution in that thread

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I do not think their problem is related. Seems that no program which is running in xwayland mode is launching graphically. Has nobody seriously encountered the same problem when upgrading?

Dang, sorry to hear. Does the systemd journal offer any hints?

I managed to sift through journalctl -b and found that apparently picom was launched at startup. I never explicitly launch it or use it, but I have dot-files and install it through home-manager. So apparently the desktop file of picom was auto launched and binding to the :0 xserver port before xwayland was able to bind to it. So something along this path must have changed during the upgrade to 23.11.

But after disabling the installation and configuration of picom in home-manager, it appears to work now!

Yuck! These kinds of bugs make me feel like abandoning computers and going back to the Forrest and playing with pine cones or something instead :rofl:

Nice! Glad to hear you worked it out!