Gnome extension is disabled after reboot if all build-in extensions are disabled

I disabled all built-in extensions. Everytime I boot into nixos the gnome extension is disabled and I have to enable it manully. Finally I install my extension globally and the problem gone.

Could you be more specific how are you installing and disabling extensions?

If I install extensions in configrure.nix the extensions are displayed as built-in. While if I install them from browser they are displayed as manully installed. If I disable all built-in extensions the Extension is disabled after reboot. Finally I install the extension which I installed from browser in the configrure.nix to make it a built-in extension and it works well now.

I am still not sure I understand. Do you mean that if you install an extension through the web page, the extension gets automatically disabled on boot? That sounds like an issue with the specific extension – some extensions expect certain programs or libraries to be installed, so they require patching to work on NixOS without manually installing the dependencies. But it is hard to be sure without specifying the extension that does not work.

I’m talking about gnomeExtensions.appindicator. The problem is that the Extensions is disabled after reboot.


That happens when GNOME Shell encounters an error when enabling an extension. You should see something in your system journal. And maybe if you expand the extension:

Though gnomeExtensions.appindicator seems to be pulled from the extension portal as is so I would not expect there to be a difference.

The extension appindicator works well. But the Extensions is disabled after reboot so I have to enable it manully.

Well, then likely some other extension is making the shell crash.

I was using appindicator installed from browser only. Now I still use it only but install it globally. So the only defference is that where it is installed. It seems the Gnome Extensions disables itself is there is no enabled built-in extension.

I definitely do not have any built-in extensions enabled and extensions do not get disablee. Try checking system journal around the time of log-in.

I’ll take a look. Thanks!