[GNOME] installing Floating Dock pull the old version

Good day,

I’m running on the latest NisOS unstable and trying to install the new Floating Dock extension for Gnome 40+ by adding the following to my configuration.nix:

environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [
  # skipped some lines

However it installs another, old & incompatible extension from here.

Looking at nixpkgs github I see that override has been merged 5 days ago, however even with freshly running nix-channel --update && nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade I still get the old extension. I tried to install floating-dock-2 (which should be the now old extension based on the above commit) but nix doesn’t find it.

Is there some cache trick that I’m missing here?

P.S. My full configuration.nix is here.

Updated nix channel again today and now installs the correct one.

How now it doesn’t load with class heritage AppDisplay.AppIconMenu is not an object or null error:

(The same error btw when I tried to install directly from FF extension mgr)

Any ideas?

That extension does not seem to support GNOME 41, see
Gnome 41: Change out AppIconMenu for AppMenu by dahjah · Pull Request #6 · fer-moreira/floating-dock · GitHub.

Righto! Hopefully they will address it soon.
Many thanks!