Gnome: WhiteSur

Following the download of (GitHub - vinceliuice/WhiteSur-gtk-theme: MacOS Big Sur like theme for Gnome desktops) and subsequent execution of the script denoted as ./, , I am confronted with the next error:

Error Output
 DEPS: 'glib2.0' are required for theme installation.
  DEPS: Checking your internet connection...
  WARNING: We're sorry, your distro isn't officially supported yet.
  INSTRUCTION: Please make sure you have installed all of the required dependencies. We'll continue the installation in 15 seconds
  INSTRUCTION: Press 'ctrl'+'c' to cancel the installation if you haven't install them yet

I am currently seeking a solution to the absence of the software library, glib 2.0, which, despite my efforts, I have been unable to locate.