GNU Guix and GuixSD 0.15.0 released


Guix is really nailing the UX.

It’s also interesting that they are targeting HPC, I believe that this market is a great fit for Nix and Guix where they want precise control of the system dependencies and no container overhead.


We should copy the guix import feature: Invoking guix import (GNU Guix Reference Manual)


I’d love to see a non Gnu/FSF distribution built for the desktop after the manner of NixOS/Guix. Is there some effort going on in this regard? All things FSF end up being too restrictive and problematic in the end.

NixOS / NixPkgs is not GNU. And we do have unfree packages in repo, though we don’t distribute binaries for them, etc.

This would be huge. We can prototype a “nix-import” I presume it would stitch together the various *2nix tools for now. And standardize the interface so it’s easy.

Spack has the same, spack create Packaging Guide — Spack 0.16.3 documentation

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