GO / NO-GO Meeting: NixOS 20.09 Nightingale

NixOS GO / NO-GO Meeting

Hi everyone :wave: ,

This meeting is to include stakeholders from various critical subsystems of NixOS. We hope to include people representing server deployments, macOS, ARM, maintainers of various Desktop Environments and GUI ecosystems, and other key participants.

Where / When

We are planning to hold a 1 hour long Jitsi Meet call as soon as possible. This is video-optional, and participation by IRC is also okay – but real-time audio participation at a minimum is preferred. Once we get some availability information, I will send out a meeting invitation.

We will try to make the time ideal for everybody, but we will likely not be able to do so. Please fill out this form with your availability so we can do our best: NixOS 20.09 Nightingale GO / NO-GO - When2meet

Come Prepared

During this call we will review bugs in the 20.09 blocker project, and this is also your chance to propose other release blocking bugs or pull requests for review. Please attach these proposals to this thread so they can be collected ahead of time for the call. The outcome of this meeting is to decide if we’re ready to release, or if it needs to be delayed within reason. Ultimately this final decision will be up to the discretion of the release managers (@jonringer and @worldofpeace).

What is a blocker?

A blocker issue is a bug that must be fixed and blocks the milestone releases.
We cannot proceed without them being fixed or having known workarounds. Things that aren’t right for this meeting are bugs that would “be nice to have” or are non-essential. Blocker bugs will affect critical path things such as everything already in the 20.09 jobset’s tested constituents and anything else we consider to be critical path for NixOS.


  1. A brief explanation of the intentions of the meeting
  2. Roll call: participants will identify what subsystems and users they are representing.
  3. Blocker evaluation: review each listed bug and related issues and decide on priority. Make sure your bug is in this thread before the meeting.
  4. Release Notes Review
  5. GO / NO-GO Decision: We will likely release even with known issues. The goal here is to decide which ones are blocking and not.
  6. Setting the Goal Date: what day should we have these completed by, or the release is going on without them?

warmth :fire:,


Gonna ping some stakeholders

@samueldr @edolstra @LnL7 @Infinisil @domenkozar @garbas @ttuegel
@FRidh @jonringer (represent python if FRidh is not available) @flokli

@vcunat @Mic92 @Ma27 @adisbladis @aanderse

…probably more idk :grin: Feel free to announce yourself here and what subsystem. If you feel you really have nothing to add or represent in the meeting, then give a GO in advance on behalf of your subsystem here.

silly 10 mentions limit

outside of sleeping, I’m pretty much available whenever, I marked my availability accordingly :slight_smile:


Hi again, we’ve got a date.


(3PM America/New_York)

at this meeting URL: Jitsi Meet and in #nixos-dev on IRC.


I’m ceratinly not someone “interested” in darwin, but there’s no success and thus no channel version so far: Hydra - Job nixpkgs:nixpkgs-20.09-darwin:darwin-tested

It kinda confuses me that there’s darwin included in a release of the NixOS?
Like 20.09 is a version for NixOS. So I’m not sure, have we ever blocked on darwin issues?

I opened an issue on GitHub with the cause gegl_0_4 fails to build on darwin blocking the gimp test in nixpkgs-20.09-darwin · Issue #99108 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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The channel is there now, thanks :tada:

NixOS artwork is due for a release logo 20.09 logo · Issue #56 · NixOS/nixos-artwork · GitHub
cc @mogorman

hadn’t had time to finish it, but i will tonight and upload it to artwork project as well as update the store.



sorry for the short notice gcal invite, but one is located Google Kalender – Anmelden, um auf Ihre Terminübersicht zuzugreifen und sie zu bearbeiten

Is it because MS is rollling in cash that you’re not working or is it because you’re not working that MS is rolling in cash?

Just kidding , I know you do unbelievable amount of volunteer work for Nix. :slight_smile:

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I’m essentially doing the meeting at lunch. :slight_smile:

And as long as I’m meeting productivity expectations, my team doesn’t mind shifting around my hours a bit. :slight_smile:


No I sincerely appreciate you doing so much for nix, I was joking and (having spent time at at MS) I know they are very accomodating.


gcal invite for next week on Oct 9th

OMG, totally forgot to get notes or a youtube upload. Sorry to anyone who was trying to follow this.

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I did it pretty “quickly”, but here are the notes for GO / NO-GO Meeting Fri Oct 9, 2020: NixOS 20.09 GO NO-GO Meeting.md · GitHub
(this is hackmd export so it’s not perfect)

We decided 20.09 is a NO-GO and to meet again at a later. And NixCon complicates this as our usual meeting date is on Friday (the same day as NixCon).


Just found this: 20.09 Blockers · GitHub which seems to be keeping track of the different things blocking 20.09, with links to the issues.