Gpg broken on unstable

somewhere between 296793637b22bdb4d23b479879eba0a71c132a66 and 83cbad92d73216bb0d9187c56cce0b91f9121d5a my gpg (which uses a yubikey to do the signing) stopped working. Signing commits, or even “echo ‘asdf’ | gpg --sign”, no longer appear to work (for the former I see just “error: gpg failed to sign the data”, for the latter “gpg: signing failed: Invalid ID”).

I’ll bisect further later, but right now it’s great that I can just roll back and continue to be productive until I have time to figure out what happened in more detail :slight_smile:

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I’ve narrowed this down to the gnupg 2.2.23 → 2.2.24 upgrade.

I found , and indeed the workaround of running gpg --card-status explicitly seems to work.

I’ll report this upstream later.


this should be fixed in 2.2.25