Graal VM packages wanted

It will be useful if we have graalvm packages.

The GraalVM main source repository includes the following components:

  • Graal SDK contains long term supported APIs of GraalVM.
  • Graal compiler written in Java that supports both dynamic and static compilation and can integrate with the Java HotSpot VM or run standalone.
  • Truffle language implementation framework for creating languages and instrumentations for GraalVM.
  • Tools contains a set of tools for GraalVM languages implemented with the instrumentation framework.
  • Substrate VM framework that allows ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation of Java applications under closed-world assumption into executable images or shared objects.
  • Sulong is an engine for running LLVM bitcode on GraalVM.
  • TRegex is an implementation of regular expressions which leverages GraalVM for efficient compilation of automata.
  • VM includes the components to build a modular GraalVM image.

Related Repositories

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nixpkgs has graalvm image similar to the binary distribution downloadable from

It is difficult to follow as they develop and refactor very fast: in terms of both as they change the mx build tool and as they release new components (at the time of the first graalvm image appeared in nixpkgs, GraalPython was not open sourced yet).

So the task is not just to make a nix package, but to subscribe to upstream news and follow them closely, which would require few hours/week.

Perhaps such boring and long-running tasks are to be crownfunded (Iā€™d be happier to be one of donors here than the contractor).

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