Grapejuice in NixOS?

Whenever I type grapejuice app or grapejuice first-time-setup it report to me these

grapejuice_common.errors.WineHomeInvalid: Wine home path is invalid:
The wine home path pointing to /nix/store/vhhndfr20mlqqv5677zyrjdafy6z5jgi-wine-wow-7.8 is invalid! Make sure the directory at this location contains a valid wine installation. 'wine_home' must point to a directory containing your Wine installation files (bin, lib, etc...

How can I set wine path for home directory? I try this command nix-store --add /nix/store/vhhndfr20mlqqv5677zyrjdafy6z5jgi-wine-wow-7.8 but it said there isn’t any valid directory /nix/store/vhhndfr20mlqqv5677zyrjdafy6z5jgi-wine-wow-7.8 and my wine-wow directory are actually hpcm031giv62p6il3qwdm9vnv0qr3dvz-wine-wow-7.8 I try to add that but it is useless. I am sorry, I am still a newbie and I try to find some articles are written for grapejuice but I can’t find any. I need some help from you guys, I would love to play Roblox in NixOS it’s not a big issue that affect to my NixOS journey but if someone help me I really appreciate that. Turning NixOS to daily driver is my dream.


I added grapejuice to my configuration.nix in the packages section, and ran

sudo nixos-rebuild --upgrade switch

and then

grapejuice first-time-setup

and it just works, it found the wine path without problem!

I had no previous wine installed

And I did not add wine or winetricks explicitly to configuration.nix…

A little part of the installation log:

grapejuice first-time-setup  
[INFO] grapejuice/root:- Log level was set to 'INFO'
[INFO] grapejuice/root:- The log file is stored at '~/.local/var/log/grapejuice/2022-08-29_17-31-13_grapejuice.log'
[INFO] grapejuice/grapejuice.__main__/main:- Loaded and migrated settings
[INFO] grapejuice/first_time_setup:- Retrieving settings as dict
[INFO] grapejuice/first_time_setup:- Getting player Wineprefix
[INFO] grapejuice/first_time_setup:- Starting Roblox Player recipe
[WARNING] grapejuice/ Failed to locate Roblox executable: RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe
[INFO] grapejuice/first_time_setup:- Roblox is not installed!
[INFO] grapejuice/ Loading registry file /nix/store/sp9q7z0gp41zipvrq4y87y1c7gp6i64k-grapejuice-4.10.2/lib/python3.9/site-packages/grapej
uice_common/assets/disable_mime_assoc.reg into the wineprefix
[INFO] grapejuice/ Wine home string: /nix/store/hpcm031giv62p6il3qwdm9vnv0qr3dvz-wine-wow-7.8
[INFO] grapejuice/ Wine home is /nix/store/hpcm031giv62p6il3qwdm9vnv0qr3dvz-wine-wow-7.8
[INFO] grapejuice/ Applying environment: {"WINEDLLOVERRIDES": "dxdiagn=;winemenubuilder.exe=", "WINEPREFIX": "~/.local/share/grapejuice/p
refixes/player", "WINEARCH": "win64", "WINEDEBUG": "-all"}
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Thanks for your advice. I have upgrade to grapejuice in nixos-unstable channel and the error log seem less for now. But it still print can’t recognize wine. The warning still there.

[WARNING] grapejuice/ Wine home path is invalid:
Wine home '/nix/store/vhhndfr20mlqqv5677zyrjdafy6z5jgi-wine-wow-7.8' is invalid! The Wine home doesn't exist.

From I understand we can create a symlink rename it like this and throw it in /nix/store since my wine-wow directory is different than wine path grapejuice need but that sound stupid because I can’t do it. Is there any way I can do it in nix way? Also I recognize that there are 3 version of wine-wow 7.0, 7.8, 7.15 in my system. Is that a real issue?

My wine tastes like, ehhh, wow!

[me@nixosMM:~]$ nix-channel --list

[me@nixosMM:~]$ sudo nix-channel --list
[sudo] password for me: 

I am very happy stable!

You could be too :wink:

Good luck!


Thanks for spending your time with me. By somehow after do a fresh install again. No put unstable channel I have made grapejuice run successfully but it seem like Roblox isn’t work like the way I want through. Your graphics card is not compatible with roblox bla bla :sweat_smile:. Probably it spawn another problem is porting wine-tgk which I haven’t tried and I heard some people tell that it can run without any problem. I guess this thread is about to end. I should learn Nix more to understand and contribute to this community.

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Maybe a better video card driver?

Happy Nixing!


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Update: I finally know how to run roblox. I read the manual and then add these line to my configuration.nix. Voila it work like charm

  # Enable intel video driver
  services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ "modesetting" ];
  services.xserver.useGlamor = true;

  # For wine32 bit
  hardware.opengl.driSupport32Bit = true;

Cheers. Now, let’s enjoy my NixOS system. Everyone should read a little bit about manual before dive in NixOS. I think we only need to spend 1 hour and gain more than we expect.

There is some issue the wine path can’t be found. You can try to delete Roblox setting in grapejuice and reinstall and config it again since the wine path sometimes change after few update.