Graphene's hardened_malloc and dhcpcd PrivSep

There is a known problem with Graphene’s hardened_malloc and dhcpcd PrivSep, mentioned in this issue

however, a temporary “fix” is disable dhcpcd’s PreivSep as mentioned here. However, it’s only for the purpose of testing and i personally don’t think it would be a good practice.

And I have some questions:

If i set networking.networkmanager.dhcp = "internal" and not using dhcpcd, would disabling dhcpcd’s PrivSep causes any issue? Would it be a bad practice?

By default NetworkManager uses its internal DHCP client. Is there a specific benefit i would get from using dhcpcd?

Or should i just stick with environment.memoryAllocator.provider = "scudo", which is the second best option i have?