Graphics Performance on Framework 13 AMD

Hi, I have a Framework 13 AMD and I love it, but it seems to have performance issues with the graphics. I don’t play anything particularly intensive as I like mostly retro games, but pretty much anything that uses the graphics card causes the fans to go crazy and the battery drains like mad. The notable exception is Minecraft which seems to run fine.

The games that cause issues are:

  • Everquest Titanium via PlayOnLinux - performance is OK but the fans go crazy
  • Wobbly life - performance is worse than a 3 yr old Lenovo with integrated AMD, fans go crazy and needs to run with all minimum graphics to be playable
  • Worms (the original Worms in Dosbox via Steam) runs fine but kills the battery in barely an hour

I have done a lot of searching and I don’t see anyone else with this exact issue, so I’m guessing this is something with my config. It happened with the default kernel so I tried kernel 6.6 but it didn’t help much.

I am using Gnome with X11.

My config:

Any help is much appreciated. I am new to NixOS.

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I updated to kernel 6.7 and added config from the Framework github repo but it’s still the same: fans go crazy with even light 3d activity.

The only other thing I can think of is to try one of the officially supported distros like Fedora or Ubuntu, but I don’t particularly want to reload all my data if possible.