GSConnect does not work with GDM

I found this GSConnect does not work with GDM · Issue #59907 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

GSConnect is not working for me, and I use Gnome and I try to connect to my iPhone.

I moved gnomeExtensions.gsconnect to system packages, but it is still not working.

I am on NixOS 23.11.

What do you mean that it is not working? Did you enable the extension in the Extensions app? Also note that you need to re-log in for an extension to appear after installing it through environment.systemPackages.

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How do you have it enabled?

This is how I have it:

programs.kdeconnect = {
  enable = true;
  package = pkgs.gnomeExtensions.gsconnect;

I added the lines you proposed to my config, and I can now send files from my iPhone to my computer. :smiley:

I had to do a log out of my current session to make things work.

But I am unable to send files from my computer to my iPhone. :unamused: It seems to work, but I don’t know where to find them if it really goes to the iPhone. Can you please help me?

Also, how could I have known about the configuration part you shared? :face_with_monocle:

Generally, you would follow the following algorithm:

  1. Search the NixOS manual.
  2. If there is no mention of the software you are interested in, search for a NixOS option.
  3. If there is no relevant option, search for a package.
  4. If there are no usage notes you can probably use environment.systemPackages to install the package.

In this case, you were failed on multiple counts:

  1. The NixOS manual only mentions GSConnect as one of several extensions. And while the installation method is correct, it fails to mention special considerations (ports needing to be open in the firewall when using it over LAN – this is what the kdeconnect module does).
  2. The option search only searches option names, so you would have to know it can be passed to KDEConnect. One benefit of the Options apendix is that you can search it using your web browser’s search – even if it is a bit unwieldy, at least it allows searching descriptions.
  3. The package should probably mention the special considerations in meta.longDescription which is displayed in the search. This is connected with Installation suggestion of service packages is completely wrong · Issue #506 · NixOS/nixos-search · GitHub
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This is a very nice reply.

I will add this to my notes.

Maybe adding it to the NixOS wiki would be a great idea. :smiley: