Handling conflicts with `kernel/common-config`

I try to clean up

  boot = {
    kernelPatches = lib.singleton {
      name = "cleaner";
      patch = null;
      extraStructuredConfig = with lib.kernel; {
        WLAN = no;

But get:

       > error: unused option: RT2800USB_RT53XX
       > error: unused option: RT2800USB_RT55XX
       > error: unused option: RTW88
       > error: unused option: RTW88_8822BE
       > error: unused option: RTW88_8822CE

Learn about:

Is there any other way than the known use of ignoreConfigErrors? (I don’t want to hide errors.)

Add e.g. RTW2800USB_RT53XX = lib.mkForce unset; for each option you don’t want to use.

(I don’t remember whether unset made it into 23.05 — it’s a fairly recent addition, so might only work on unstable.)

I’m not sure I understand the issue correctly (not familiar with the part you’re trying to clean up) but you usually only need to set the correct version limits for options via whenBetween.