Hard user separation with NixOS

For once, I’ve been able to write something innovative :partying_face:


This IS innovative! It is always such an astonishment for me when I find ideas like this.


I did something similar a few years ago: Multiple Linux Systems on One ZFS Pool

I used different grub entries but I did eventually switch to using specialisation as you did (it’s so much cleaner). I was also using my old method of encrypting /boot. Don’t use that; I now consider it a bad idea.

Nice! With ZFS you can share the same available disk space, which is more practical than set defined partitions.

Yea that’s one of the things I liked about it. Your use of LVM allows that to a reasonable extent though. If your FS supports shrinking, you can even dynamically reallocate on the fly; which is what RedHat’s stratis system does to do ZFS-like things using only traditional block and FS layers, though requiring a daemon.

And btw, anyone interested in this thread may also be interested that @lheckemann did something sorta similar but very different with switch-root to boot an entirely different distro. I postulated in my ZFS blog post that it could be applied to boot any ZFS-supporting distro in the same pool, but never got around to trying it. He actually did it, and in a very interesting way.

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