Has any one succeeded to drive all devices of RPi4b (8GB)?

I succeeded to install NIXOS on my Raspberry Pi 4b (8GB) following the instruction of wiki.

There is no officially supplied image, but a temp one, which is used.

However, I find two devices cannot be driven: the sound card and the wifi.

For the wifi, I once drove it by using a nixos 20.09 channel configuration, but when I switch to unstable, the wlan network interface disappeared.

For the sound card, I add proper dtparam=audio=on parameter in the boot.loader.raspberryPi.firmwareConfig option, but not working. Actually I have not yet located the generated option.txt file.

I have uploaded the configuration.nix that I used to the github issue for RPi4b.

Has any one succeeded to drive all the devices of a RPi4b? And could you give me some advice?


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please have a look at the github issue, where i just commented on how to fix this, or at least the wifi (didn’t test sound)

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After upgrading the system in unstable channel, my system finally recognized the wlan0.
However, the snd card is still absent. :frowning: