Has anybody managed to get Jekyll running on NixOS?

I’ve tried multiple things:

  • A nix shell nixpkgs#jekyll nixpkgs#bundler and using bundler install as the inserted splash on jekyll new suggests. This fails with an exception from the Scss/Sass library.
  • Running jekyll new and then using bundix to generate a gemset.nix. This fails because some part of the stack misinterprets the platform specification of the HTTP library and fails.
  • Removing the platform specification of that HTTP library leads to a dev shell working, but running jekyll in there fails immediately from within the wrapper Ruby code, complaining that Scss is missing.

Has anybody managed to get Jekyll working?

We are using Nix in CI of GitHub - deltachat/deltachat-pages: Delta Chat Website to build https://delta.chat/ website with Jekyll. We don’t use bundler when using Nix. See the readme of the repo for instructions using nix build and nix develop.