Has anyone got a working C# vscode setup?

I’m using vscode-with-extensions with the csharp extension. I also have omnisharp-roslyn from nixpkgs and I point the extension, inside vscode, to use ‘/run/current-system/sw/bin/omnisharp’ instead of installing it’s own omnisharp. However I still get a warning that says omnisharp couldn’t load the project correctly. I still get syntax highlighting, formatting and code completion. The only feature I seem to be missing is the debugger. Trying to generate a launch.json just generates a place holder with a warning saying vscode couldn’t generate debug/build assets.
I’ve been using the dotnet cli to run/build/run tests, as I would’ve been even if I could do it inside vscode anyway tbh. The only feature I’m really missing is the GUI debugger. And dotnet doesn’t have a console debugger either :confused:. Soooooo, how is your C# development environment?

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Old post I know but there’s already a nix package for the csharp vscode extension that apparently includes Omnisharp, have you tried that?

Personally I just use JetBrains Rider.