Has anyone gotten Pantheon working?

Earlier today, I went back a bunch of generations so that I’d have a stable system from which to fix a problem with my config.

As a very pleasant surprise, I was greeted with Pantheon, from my previous attempts to get it working. And it was, it was working, unlike before.

After rebooting my laptop and going back to the generation, however, Pantheon was back to not working.

Has anyone gotten Pantheon to work?

If it is not working for you, please open an issue on GitHub and ping me and @worldofpeace. Do not forget to include the details – what did you put in your configuration.nix, does the display manager (login screen) show, what errors are in systemd journal…

Output of /var/log/lightdm/seat0-greeter.log would be useful too.

It’s possible that the greeter knows no session and just can’t start one because of that.


It’s working (in 2021), but it looks like

services.pantheon.apps.enable = true;

doesn’t do anything (the default value is documented as false). Also, when you run “calendar” it doesn’t show where today is on the calendar grid. After a few clicks, “calendar” crashed.

Actually, services.pantheon.apps.enable will be true by default if you set services.xserver.desktopManager.pantheon.enable to true, but yeah it defaults to false in all other cases. Sorry if the document confuses you.

Do you mean you cannot see the “greeen dot” in the below screenshot? Would you like to try launch the app from the terminal, see if there are anything useful from the terminal output, then post your findings and a step to reproduce using a new GitHub issue? Also elementary has some useful guide for how to retrieve logs and inspect crashes.

No green dot, no date numbers, no lines separating the days, no shaded days. But everything else was there: week numbers, weekday names. Quite weird.

The only potentially “unusual” thing I did was make the font bigger (some global pantheon setting).

The lines and dates are there, but they are barely visible:

I couldn’t figure out how to launch it from the terminal. I know the package name is pantheon.elementary-calendar, but NixOS doesn’t seem to have the equivalent of dpkg -L so I don’t know what the binary is called, or where it is.

P.S. Never mind. I got it from the process table:


It doesn’t print anything to STDOUT / STDERR.

… I got it to crash again, without anything going to STDOUT/STDERR.

And this is a separate run, where it segfaulted:

Can you try System Settings → System → Restore Default Settings → Restore Settings and reboot?

Still it will be nice to open a GitHub issue for this :wink:

That seems to have fixed Calendar.

Here are some more errors from Files:

Seems the issue is not reproducible according to your screenshot? :thinking:

Can you launch io.elementary.files?

That’s what I was running in the above screenshot.

I think Files opens the tabs that were open before. Maybe the above critical error occurs when Files is executed for the very first time?

If it launches and works, that will be great!

Yes this is the default, but it is possible to change the behaviour using pantheon-tweaks (note that this is unsupported third-party switchboard plugin).

Yeah I think so. I just checked this by build-vm. But this shouldn’t actually cause issues I think and it should fallback to open your home directory.