Has anyone gotten Pantheon working?


Earlier today, I went back a bunch of generations so that I’d have a stable system from which to fix a problem with my config.

As a very pleasant surprise, I was greeted with Pantheon, from my previous attempts to get it working. And it was, it was working, unlike before.

After rebooting my laptop and going back to the generation, however, Pantheon was back to not working.

Has anyone gotten Pantheon to work?


If it is not working for you, please open an issue on GitHub and ping me and @worldofpeace. Do not forget to include the details – what did you put in your configuration.nix, does the display manager (login screen) show, what errors are in systemd journal…


Output of /var/log/lightdm/seat0-greeter.log would be useful too.

It’s possible that the greeter knows no session and just can’t start one because of that.