Haskell ghc-mod and ghc-802

Hello. Every editor I try to get working with Haskell and stack, eventually tells me I need ghc-mod, which seems to be outdated and unsupported for more recent version of ghc. I’m not a fan of using old versions, but I relented and attempted to install lts-9 and get this error:

stack --resolver lts-9 install ghc-mod
Selected resolver: lts-9.21
error: attribute 'ghc802' missing, at (string):1:43
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

I have been unable to find a path forward, as all of my installed packages are too new and the older versions simply do not show up when I query for them using nix-env. I had set all of this up on an older install at work, perhaps on 18.03. Do I need to run older NixOS to get this working?


My understanding is that GHC mod has been deprecated for over a year now.
Holistically, I dont think this is a Nix issue. But for those specific packages you might need to make your own derivations considering their age.

I haven’t found an editor for Haskell (Atom, Vim, etc…) that doesn’t want ghc-mod, so that’s very unfortunate.

The solution seems to be Haskell IDE Engine:

Will see how this goes. :wink:

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What features are you looking for?
I’ve been using Vim with Haskell for a while and would be glad to help you out.

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Thanks for the offer of help. I finally have it all working, it only took my entire day. That’s not bad as far as Linux things go. :smiley: It’s a really nice set up, the IDE has some PHAT features, including full documentation and re-factoring tools. The set up: lts-13.10, Atom, ide-haskell-hie Atom plug-in, the actual Haskell IDE Engine package, Stack, Cabal, Hoogle… Holy hell, was that a lot of configuration! I’d love to document/script the process, but honestly, I’d have to start over again with what I’ve learned along the way and write it all down because I just don’t think I can remember all of this. Getting a full-functioning Haskell dev environment on Nix is not for the meek.