Haskell package upgrade question

Hi :wave:
I had some problems with greenclip which is solved on upstream. Wanted to update this on nixpkgs repo too, but couldn’t even find where we defined this package, I guess some auto-generation magic is going on about haskellPackages.
Could you give me an example of override to change version number? Or how can I “bump” this magic to get the latest version of the package?

Ah, looks like it’s not even put into hackage yet. I guess I’ll need to get the source from github.

Nevermind, was easier than I thought:

    greenclip.package = pkgs.haskell.lib.overrideCabal pkgs.haskellPackages.greenclip  (oa: {
      src = pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
        owner  = "erebe";
        repo   = "greenclip";
        rev    = "ea839d653c076daf0c95a7f491ba9638fcbd050b";
        sha256 = "1mkwvisr889hznyhp2inhk9yz9hchwg8vv8lgp2yiy6gh6wbz7mj";