Hello Tux Shirts?

Hello NixOS Marketing Team.

I have been in contact with Gabor Klum of Hello Tux who makes spiffy embroidered shirts for various distros. I asked about doing some shirts for NixOS and he is very receptive. However, I am a nobody with respect to the project and would like to put him in contact with someone officially connected to the project.

Hope to hear from you soon.


There is already a semi-official merchandise on RedBubble (see NixOS Merchandise report) all of whose revenue is donated to the Nix Stichting.

Does it hurt to add some more? Redbubble does not embroider logos. All I am asking is for some contact information I can send to Mr. Klum. Speak with him and then decide. I personally have ordered from him several shirts that support various projects.

Mr. Klum can contact the marketing team.

If he loves transparency, he can start the discussion here. Otherwise reaching webmaster@nixos.org (as shown on the marketing team page) should reach the right people.

The Why do we do? page is a good overview of who they are, and speaking personally, it looks to align more with the values I like, compared to a faceless prints-anything-anyhow shop like red bubble does :).


I have forwarded the information to Mr. Klum and invited him to join the discussion here.


We will be glad to make official NixOS shirts and sweatshirts as well, and donate part of the price to the project.
No costs on you, worldwide shipping, and an embroidered NixOS logo. What do you think?




I think next we need @garbas, @edolstra, @davidak piped into this discussion.


Can you summon them?

Maybe the folks mentioned above missed this thread?

I’m :+1: on that.

I’ll re-ping the person whom I’ve communicated with the most. @davidak Do you know if the marketing team has discussed this idea?

We have discussed it and will work with them.


Should we make some samples?

Count me in for one.

I will take a sample hoodie (paying for it, of course).

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@etrigan63 @gabor_hellotux Hey! Sorry answering later.

We’re in the redesign phase for nixos.org website and plan was to add the link to the shop there. What would be the link? https://www.hellotux.com/nixos?

The PR I’m working on is here: https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-homepage/pull/588

Would you be so kind and (after NixOS 21.03 release) create a thread to serve as a report similar as @mogorman is doing for RedBubble? The founds collected should be transfered via Open Collective.

And thank you for doing this, it really means a lot. I think I also need a new hoodie soon. And again sorry it took so long.

Hello Everybody,

I attached our first sample embroidery.
We are still working on it, this is not the final design.



We are ready: https://www.hellotux.com/nixos
Open Collective works for us, of course, and creating a thread as well.

Thank you,