NixOS Merchandise report


This is a report of the sales from the redbubble store thus far. We have currently raised $88.78 for Nixos over a sale of 57 items. I will be donating this today. In the future I will make an announcement to coincide with each release as well as adding the new artwork, I am almost finished with the jellyfish for the next release.

Happy hacking





I think this is the store:


This is great! But I only knew the store existed after I saw it linked here.

What do we need to do to make this store more ‘official’ and plug it in more directly to the NixOS website and the NixOS Foundation?


Same for me - I’ve stumbled upon the store before but it doesn’t make it clear that proceeds are donated back to the project. Would be great to have that info there!


Since the last release we have raised $49.60 which I have donated back to the project. here is the artwork for the jellyfish release.