Help for making a "Jamovi" derivation?


I would like to provide the “jamovi” package for Nix users.

Find the sources here:

The current build system seems to be based on Docker and I wish I could build it on Nixos.

Could you give me some insights on how to start making a derivation for it?


Hmmm… I’d probably not say, it was their only their buildsystem, but also the only means of official distribution.

Have you checked if there is any other linux distribution that packages this application, how do they deal with it?

Also, they seem to tag irregularly… The last tag is 1.6.15, the version file says… Just from looking at HEAD, I can not really figure out, if that is, what will be released as 2.3.1 in the future or if 2.3.1 has been the last release…