Help getting packages into nixpkgs

I was told on fedi that I should write here about it.
I’ve got a bunch of packages I’d like to submit to nixpkgs but with the one package I’ve tried I gave up after like 3 months cause it isn’t really accessible for me and my current mental capacity.

I’d still like to see these packages in nixpkgs and was wondering if someone would add them there for me. (I don’t look for a “mentor” who helps “help me to do it my self” style cause that was the case with my attempt of that one package and that failed)

Following packages I’ve got:

  • Little Nav Map (and libraries it depends on), Flight planing tool and more to be used with simulators such as X-Plane or flightgear
  • littleFGconnect a tool that connect the flightgear flight sim to little nav map
  • osgXR (not yet relevant) once the new major version of flightgear gets released if this dependency is added, it will support VR
  • SeaDrive client. This is not the latest version as I ran into linking errors with that but the version I’ve got works flawless here
  • 4D Minesweeper (Got some little help here, idk if they wanna continue helping me with that)

All of these work, then I’ve got 2 things which are currently more like in “beta”/unknown/untested for a long time condition:

  • Vpuppr
  • libre TrainSim

Would be nice to get some help getting these into nixpkgs