Help me improve my flake + HM config

Hi community. I love Nix and NixOS and have been daily driving for a few months now, also for work as Software engineer. I have also converted all my CI CD and project builds to Nix, also my cloud infra, really life changing :heart::snowflake:

I can’t help but feel i am not following too many good practices, als with the flame + home manager, and make some noob mistakes, but I have learnt so so much, and have quite a well working setup, now even with light/dark mode switch.

Please help me by critique and giving advice on how to improve my Nix code, make it more modular, and possibly make it more portable to non-NixOS machines. Overall also how to make it more reproducible and correct and DRY.

BTW screenshot not up to date, i have moved to use modus themes

Have a great day all!