Help me understand scope so I can use pypi2nix requirements.nix again

Problem is that my requirements.nix from pypi2nix 2.0.4 somehow don’t work with Nix(OS) 21.03+ anymore. I am stuck with Figured out this changes in python part of nixpkgs are somehow related to cross-compilation, saw there is makeScope and makeScopeWithSplicing in but I have no idea how that is supposed to work. So it would be great if somebody could explain this stuff or point to some resources where I can learn more. Then maybe I would be able to manually fix the autogenerated requirements.nix (and possibly even submit a PR to pypi2nix). And yes I am aware of GitHub - DavHau/mach-nix: Create highly reproducible python environments but haven’t yet given it a try. In any case I want to understand things, not just switch the tools to make it “work”.

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