Help: Nix-shell does not start or work completely

Hello, im new using nix-shell. I’m a project with nix-shell and i had to install WSL2(with Ubuntu 20.14), and i installed node, npm and nix in the distro. But when im on the VScode i try to run with ‘nix-shell’ command, doesn’t work or ‘start’. I can’t use any script with nix like ’ dev ', just not run, and i have to do the script manually like npm ‘run dev’. I’ll go to upload images.

Any help? What i’m doing wrong? I need to configure something? i follow the tutorials to install WSL and Nix from their websites.
Thanks help!

Looks like the shellHook is somehow causing trouble. A wild guess because of the \r: Maybe something about windows/Unix linefeeds causing problems?

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Hello, ty for reply!
Well, My colleagues told me something similar. They send me a link to configure that just on git (Carriage Returns and Line Feeds will ultimately bite you - Some Git Tips - Scott Hanselman's Blog)

But I think I need to configure something about this in my distro or windows, any idea how I can search?

Can you share the shell.nix file you’re using?