Help packaging Brother MFC-J625DW drivers

I’ve been trying to get the drivers for the Brother MFC-J625DW printer working. Brother provides Debian/RPM packages, as well as source code for the cupswrapper half of the drivers (the lpr half only has binaries).

Work so far: Noticing the parallels with the MFC-J6510DW drivers located here and here, I’ve tried to replicate that in my own attempts to package the MFC-J625DW drivers on this branch.

I’ve managed to get the packages built and accepted by CUPS, managing to add the printer via the CUPS web interface, but when I try to print anything/print a test page, it says the jobs are “completed at [time]”, but the printer doesn’t produce any output.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about debugging this? I’m not familiar with CUPS or printer drivers at all so I’ve only managed to try and replicate what existing packages have done so far. It would be really helpful if I could get some advice on where to look for relevant logs, or any things to try to fix it.

Thank you!

GitHub issue

Did you include you’re driver in printing.drivers? I assume you did since you said you got it accepted by cups but just want to make sure.

Otherwise the best method to debug would be to look at logs journalctl -u cups. Also you can try to remove and add the printer again. I think the web interface also has some log functionality, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I have the package in services.printing.drivers.

When I (unsuccessfully) try to print a test page, this is the output of journalctl -u cups—I’m not sure how to interpret it or if anything looks wrong.

I’ve tried running the filters listed manually but they don’t error out/do anything, since I don’t know what arguments I should be giving them.