Help subcategory for Chinese

Considering that

  1. We have many users from Chinese speaking areas, and our Telegram @nixos_zhcn group has more than 1000 members.
  2. Chinese users’ English communication skills may not be as good as those in Europe and North America.
  3. Although we have a group, it is not very easy to track help and bug reports in the longer context.

I’d like to request a 中文 (Chinese) help subcategory, just like Français.

@zimbatm for help. Thanks!


Good idea.

Here, feel free to use this category I just created: About the 汉语 (Chinese) category.

(and let me know if you have suggestions for the wording. I’m not very familiar with the Chinese culture and what would make the message welcoming. It’s also translated with Google Translate.)


One issue I see with it would be moderation.

I’m not sure anyone in the current moderation team can read Chinese while i.e. Français is common as at least a second language for many EU/NA people. Automatic translation tools also work quite a bit better between languages with common roots as a fallback.


Better to change it to “此板块可使用中文发帖寻求帮助。” Because it’s not intended for posting other topics in Chinese, but just help topic.

thanks, fixed.

wrt moderation, @Aleksanaa are you fluent enough in Chinese to be able to keep an eye out? As a temporary stopgap. If we don’t get anybody to post then we don’t have to worry about it too much.

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Yes. We may also invite moderators in telegram @nixos_zhcn and (messages are synchronized between these two groups): @linyinfeng @oxalica @NickCao.

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